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Goals of the program

The goal of the Water Governance Programme for Arab States (WGP-AS) is to improve the effective use and management of scarce water resources in Arab countries. It aims at supporting the achievements of the MDG 7 particularly with respect to improved water supply and sanitation, by promoting an integrated approach to water resources management in the Arab Region. The WGP-AS acts as a catalyst for effective water governance in the region.



Selected Water Challenges in the Arab Region:


  • The Arab region is by far the driest and most water scarce region in the world. Arab region has 5% of the world population and 1% of fresh water resources.
  • More than 60% of the renewable water resources in the Arab region are transboundary and originate outside of the region.
  • It is anticipated that the number of persons in the Arab States living under the water scarcity threshold of 1,000 m3 per person per year will double in the year 2025 as compared to 2005 figures.
  • The Arab region has one of the highest annual population rate of 2.7%.
  • Over pumping in addition to industrial, agricultural and domestic pollution contribute to the severe deterioration of the water quality in the Arab Region.
  • Most Arab countries suffer from chronic inadequacy of technical capacity and resources.
  • Impacts of CC on water resource in the Arab region will affect a wide range of socio-economic and environmental sectors including agriculture, health, public safety, biodiversity, desalination industry, tourism, and hydropower production.

Water Governance in the Arab Region: managing scarcity and securing the future

UNDP RBAS, with support from the Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency (Sida), has drawn together experts from a number of Arab countries to produce “Water Governance in the Arab Region: managing scarcity and securing the future”. The report provides the Arab countries and the international community, donors, and other stakeholders with an extensive understanding of the water situation in the region. In laying out the building blocks of good water governance needed to manage increasing water scarcity, it seeks to strengthen dialogue, raise awareness, and advance progress towards water-related development goals across the region.


28 November 2013

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Table of contents
Foreword | Report team | Table of contents
Chapter 1: Water in the Arab region: availability, status and threats
Chapter 2: Challenges to water governance in the Arab region
Chapter 3: Concepts and approaches for effective water governance in the Arab region
Chapter 4: Effective water governance: water’s value and cost effectiveness
Chapter 5: Building blocks of effective water governance in the Arab region
Chapter 6: The way forward
Annex I: Cost-benefit analysis versus cost-effectiveness analysis
Annex II: Water institutions and legislation in Arab countries
Annex III: Statistics

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